How to Keep Your Kitchen Safe for Toddlers

As babies grow into toddlers it becomes the hardest to keep them contained to a few areas in the house. They will go everywhere and anywhere, be it the sink cabinet. Parents tend to baby proof their house and there really is no single way to go about it. The kitchen is the riskiest area for toddlers. While they’re still at home, it can be really hard to work in the kitchen and keep a constant eye on toddlers. Children tend to stay with their parents and if you need a few hours in the kitchen, it won’t be without company. So here are few ways in which you can make this space toddler friendly.


Cleanliness and hygiene can not be emphasized enough. Because this is where all the food is prepared and stored, the kitchen needs to scream that it’s hygienic. Sweep and disinfect the floors and shelves at least once everyday. This is recommended after you are done working in the kitchen too. Any deposits or stains will be kept at bay and you won’t have to worry about the toddlers slipping, getting germs and stains all over. Cleanliness is a part of safety.

Special Remodeling

Your house requires kitchen renovations brisbane southside every few years. If there’s a baby in plan, on it’s way or even already jumping around and it’s time for you to work a little on your kitchen, then this would be the right time to have your kitchen remodeler plan a few changes keeping the child in mind.


The kitchen is a danger zone for toddlers for many reasons. The first and foremost being the fact that there are some life threatening dangerous objects here like the stove and knives. There are a lot of electrical appliances, small objects, sharp objects and items that can be consumed. Have your remodeler arrange the stove in a way that it is higher than the dangerous reach of a toddler. Keep sharp items like knives in a drawer that can be locked. Other cupboards or drawers that have hazardous and dangerous items should be kept locked. Never leave extra appliances plugged in. Of course there’s the fridge that needs to work around the clock. What you can do is have the switchboard relocated to a height that is reachable for adults and not toddlers. If there are any extra slots then cover those.

Dedicate an Area

You can’t keep the toddler out of the kitchen but you can utilize their curiosity and interest. Away from the stove and the danger zone, dedicate a cupboard or a drawer or two to the toddler. Constantly kicking them out and stopping them will only complicate the situation. Get some kitchen sets for kids and put them in the cupboard or drawer. You can put plastic jars with uncooked beans, cereal for the toddler can enjoy some sensory play with these. Trying to open the jars and playing with the cereal inside is a healthy and Montessori activity.