Gain Extra Space with Caravan Awnings for Sale

Extending the living space of your caravan can either be expensive or inexpensive. One of the quickest and affordable ways to extend your living space is opting for caravan awnings.

Caravan awnings for sale on the market today come in three basic types: the canopy awning, the full awning, and the porch awning. Yet, you’ll find several variations with the three basic caravan awnings for sale.

The best approach when choosing your awning is just like choosing the tent that works for your needs. It means deciding whether a groundsheet is needed, or the kind of fabric you want, or the kind of available poles. However, a specialist awning is probably the suitable one to go for if you want an unusual design such as a folding or pop-top caravan awning.


Choosing the right caravan awning


Knowing more about the various available caravan awnings for sale is the smartest way to get the right one for your needs.

Cassette or canopy awning

There are two types of cassette or canopy awning to choose from: permanently or temporarily fixed to the side of the caravan. A couple of folding integral poles to serve as legs provide stability to the permanent canopy awning. The awning can be unfurled when needed and folded away when it’s time to leave. The addition of fabric walls allows you to enclose your temporary space, providing excellent privacy in any space you happen to be in. However, a specialist needs to be consulted when the choice is for a permanent cassette awning.

Full awning

Opting for full coverage allows you to gain extra space with caravan awnings. The extra space gained allows you to relax and enjoy the view in all types of weather.

The full awning is customised to fit the size of your particular caravan. It means that the full awning rail from the ground completely fits the side of your caravan.

A variety of sizes, fabrics, and qualities are with the tent-like and large structures of the full awning. Some models feature additional sleeping quarters. Other models allow you to enjoy the sun by way of its removable panels. Then there are full awning models that provide curtains to make you feel right at home in any location.

The ‘A’ measurement and depth of the awning are the two measurements you need to consider when you want the full awning. Ensuring the right measurement is crucial if you want to enjoy the numerous perks of a full awning. The smartest way is to discuss this with your chosen caravan dealer.

Porch or universal awning

Covering most of the sides of the caravan is the top feature of the porch or universal awning. The flexibility of this type of awning allows it to be used from one caravan model to another. The air-tube awnings are the perfect examples of the porch or universal awning.

However, the universal awning can only cover the entrance of the caravan door and nothing else. However, being able to quickly pitch an awning in any setting is the thing that makes it highly popular among caravan owners.

The top factors that usually dictate the choice of a caravan awning are preference and budget. While the full awning model is costlier than the cassette or porch awning models, they also provide maximum comfort.